4 Steps

No one put up posters, no one really knew. I wasn’t lost, there’s a chasm of difference between “lost” and “missing”. “Lost” implies that you have simply poor directions. “Missing” is definitively gone – without a map, without a compass, without change for the tolls. Missing. How does one find their way when missing? Very carefully, that’s how. Drowning in drink helps for a while, to numb the initial shock, the pain so deep you wonder how you’re not bleeding out. Eventually, if you’re lucky, you realize that drink helped through the first bit, taking the edge off, but now, it’s time to feel.  To feel what needs feeling so that the phoenix can again rise from the ashes of your shitty choices.  Which leads directly to self-doubt and loathing. As naturally, one can imagine, that one only goes missing because of one’s self – the whole “forge your own destiny” bullshit. You’ve not a clue what will occur with each decision, but you make them just the same. The shit hits the fan and you’ve carved out your destiny from a pile of crap spewed from a single decision that changed your life irrevocably. All this positivity allows for zero shit-spewing, which is an extreme error repeated daily by the naive, the foolish. Be prepared for it to all go to hell, and that might prepare one for when the fan turns to high, and your dreams go awry.


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