Sunday Conundrums

Hmm… Do I have a “gut” instinct? Do I really know anything at all?
Is he the “one”? What’s it like to fly? If there’s no pre-destiny, does
fate exist? Does this skirt make me a look a fat ho? Can you touch a
cloud? Why are mosquito’s necessary in the food chain? Those shoes
cost how much? Am I making the right decision? Where do I see
myself in 5 years? Chocolate is never the answer… or is it? How is it
possible to float on water, and also, to sink in it? Why does my hair
have to go grey? How can my heart ache so and I’m not dying? Why
is everything good so hard to do? What possible reason exists for
flatulence? Why doesn’t dust just blow away? Why do I survive when
others go mental? How have I not killed my mother? Don’t you think
that, if there is a God of any variety, that they’re out there laughing at
us daily? How have I not pulled a Plath? What are the purpose of weeds?
Why is it always a woman eating apples and opening boxes? Is there
such a thing as Kryptonite? Why do feet stink? If there’s reincarnation,
why can’t you choose your family? Who thought eating mold was a good
idea? Was it Professor Plum in the library with a candlestick? Why do I
have no answers?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Conundrums

  1. Samantha, Samantha. Whatever do you do in your other-than-blog life? I hope you are writing like a mad woman because you have such potential. Do you hate that word. Potential. My mother always used to shake her head with a tsk tsk, Whitney, you have such potential, and thereby assuring me that I was currently being such an abysmal failure. So, I don’t mean it in that way! I mean that your posts always leave me wanting to read more, to discover the characters the words are hiding, the experiences which have spawned you great, slightly clipped prose. Your writing voice reads strong, so you must be too. Write on. Write on.

    1. Whitney, I thank you ever so for your lovely words. And I certainly will not take your most appreciated commentary as intended by your mother; whom, incidentally, sounds awfully familiar : ) I wish to write madly, and I hope to have more peace and quiet to be able to do just that in the coming months. We shall see what springs forth and I will continue to share in this space, if nothing more than to provide you niblets of what may come. Many thanks, as ever – Samantha

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