A Hadron Collision of Art

One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams.” – Salvador Dali

As my first non-poetic posting, it seems fitting that it be centered around my other lover… art.  Though anyone may call themselves an artist, I believe in the purity of art, the emotion of art, the necessity of art.  In its’ varied, often simplistic and more often, overly complex formations, art is to one as it will never be to another – this very point is its’ beauty.

I was reminded today from several sources about passion.  Passion for things outside of ourselves that make us, as humans, feel what is already there… reminders – that is what passion is.  The fulfillment achieved from discovering new art, music, authors, et al. can be difficult to convey, hence, the birth of inspiration.  Which, as so often inspiration does, brings me full circle, in this space, typing away to you.

My first inspiration came from @JerryLStudio on Twitter, an amazing artist in his own right, shared the works of another artist, David Frederick Brown.  Fascinating work by Brown, and what’s even more intriguing is his inspiration for his monotype creations.  Take a look at his website here: Gary Frederick Brown – Theory Art.

Brown is influenced by String Theory from quantum physics, which is far too convoluted for me to possibly delve into… nor should I, I’m an artist, not a scientist… they both end in “-ist”, but that’s where the similarities end… or so I thought.  For a basic overview, check this site out: The Official String Theory Website.  As far as Brown is concerned however, according to his site, he is fascinated by the “elements that lend themselves to chaos”.  His influence within String Theory is highly evidenced in his work, but his faith and vision quite clearly display this foundation within his art.  Not only fascinating, but also beautifully chaotic with amazing harmony… this is my favourite thus far:

My other influence this evening comes from my friend and fellow twisted twin, Sean, a.k.a @everythingispop.  His passion for music, which he shares with honest love here: Everything Is Pop Blog is never condescending, always thoughtful and sometimes even cheeky.  I cannot possibly recall how much amazing music he has introduced me to since our chance meeting a while back, but today is no exception.  His post today reminded me that there is more to be done daily to feel what needs feeling and to see what others cannot.  Few are the people who would think to ask what colours you see when listening to music… Check his posts for some fantabulous free downloads of The Lightening Bug Situation… candy for your ears.

Through music, art and writing, I exude my passion daily, in whatever form takes me… hell, even knitting has explored some previously untapped need for woolen artworks that can be worn.  But, what I was reminded of today, that I occasionally forget, is that art is life and a day without it is not worth living.


4 thoughts on “A Hadron Collision of Art

  1. Your site popped up, I think because we share the word Ponderings – and I’m glad it did. I checked out Frederick’s paintings which also connected from past times in my art career. Your artist statement is wonderful, but it is your statement about passion – “Passion for things outside of ourselves that make us, as humans, feel what is already there… reminders – that is what passion is” is powerful. The suddenness of hearing/realizing that passion is within is both freeing and empowering- it is that realization that really good teachers engender in their students. That statement would make for a fantastic essay – maybe you’ll pursue it. Great to have found you.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. There is nothing more gratifying than knowing my words have affected another deeply, much the same with art. Speaking of art, I should mention, I am poking through your website at length – nothing short of amazing will express how much I love your art. Your use of color and texture harmonize beautifully… makes me want to touch your paintings (I’m quite tactile). I’m very glad that you found me too.

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