A Hopeful Lyric

My heart so full, it nearly floods
with the thought, the feel of you.
I sleep to dream you and keep you close,
for in waking I seem to miss you most.

A world away, yet right beside me,
I can feel your hand warming mine, entwined.
I long to breathe you, taste you, feel you
as never have I longed before

My heart aches with hope, burned with desire
to look deeply inside you, through eyes so blue
My darling man, so very true,
is it possible I’ve finally found you?


2 thoughts on “A Hopeful Lyric

  1. Well all I can say is that I had a lump in my throat! Knowing what this poem means….just makes it all the more beautiful. X

  2. how funny, i also had a lump in my throat as i likened it to the love of my life and how i feel about him. a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.

    this is so on target — you exquisitely expressed the hope of Love.

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