The Man in the Moon

There’s a man in the moon tonight,
flying high through the sky
He speaks to me sometimes,
and tonight he shares so much with me

Through his lightness he glimmers so brightly,
I wonder who he talks with in the daytime?
Who he shares his thoughts, his song, his soul?
I wonder so very many thing and if it could ever be,

For he’s the man in the moon
And I, I am just the woman below,
in a field,


6 thoughts on “The Man in the Moon

  1. I can relate to this. As a child the face on the moon fascinated me.
    The phrases you used here captured the feeling you get very well.

    1. I’m delighted that you enjoyed my words. The moon has been a long time friend in many ways. Thank you! … S.

  2. Well done my friend. This one is terrific. I am struck by the real positivity in this. Some wonderful images come to mind when I read this.


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