Picket Fence

The next time, she thinks, the next time
I won’t be a fool.
But, the chances are good, she will be fooled again,
and again, and yet, again.

An honest heart cannot remove the hope of something better,
So, she will again be fooled and twisted up and down
Inside out.

She will begin again to have her heart hardened.
The fence will grow again for a time,
then retreat it will.
Once she is ready, once she is open again.

Until then, her heart will be consumed
with hope.
Hope that she won’t be that fool that she knows
she will.


3 thoughts on “Picket Fence

  1. i am dismantling a fence as i read your lovely piece of work.

    oh, my. excellence.

    [btw. one place to explore Nada Surf is on YouTube. you will not be sorry you pursued the music/lyrics of Matthew Caws. Caws is the primary vocalist/songwriter. Daniel Lorca is the bassist. Ira Elliott is the drummer.]

    peace & love,
    denise (djwttw/decdetdes)

    1. Thank you very much! Good luck dismantling, tis not a simple thing. I will definitely be hitting more Nada Surf – they kick serious ass!

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